~ Salty's CNY Travels 2007 ~
The story of "Salty" the traveling dog ....

"Salty" decided one night that he needed a vacation, so he snuck on the back of a motorcycle
parked out front of his home, the Spinning Wheel Restaurant. Before he knew it, he was hanging by
the pool waiting for another cocktail. The next day he went to the Dinosaur Bbq in Syracuse,
followed by the Dinosaur in Rochester the next week. One of his trips involved a big boat he rode
on in Baldwinsville, with 2 other puppies to keep him company. He even went for a ride on a Carousel
where he almost fell off. Everywhere he went someone wanted to pose with him, even the race car driver
that took him for a spin. His pals wanted him to play Putt-Putt golf but he just wouldn't give up his
big stick. The only time he got a little scared being away from home is when the Jaguar wanted to
have his picture taken with him. Finally after a couple weeks off he headed home for a needed rest,
where his owner Marty didn't even know he was on vacation until he received a post card from Rochester.
What a guy !!!
See you next year, Salty!!